As members of the hospice team, volunteers compassionately support individuals with comfort and assisting with daily activities. Specially trained Northeast Ohio Hospice volunteers can serve on a regular basis with opportunities such as:

  • Companionship through friendly visits, actively listening, playing music and letter writing
  • Sharing interests such as reading, listening to music, completing crafts or gardening
  • Assisting with errands
  • Appointment assistance such as helping the patient/family with shopping, social outings or getting to appointments (on campus)
  • Homemaking tasks such as light housekeeping, laundry and meal preparation
  • Spiritual services such as prayer, going to Mass and the Threshold Choir

Becoming a volunteer
Ready to volunteer? The steps are simple:

  • Call our volunteer coordinator at (216) 581-2900 to discuss your interests.
  • Complete a volunteer application. (Groups need only the contact person to complete the application.)
  • Decide what opportunity is right for you and how much time you would like to volunteer.
  • Join us for a brief orientation.
  • Begin volunteering!